YEA is a Youth Arts Festival that is FOR YOUTH, BY YOUTH!

Art work, live performances, activities, music and more to be decided by youth for the whole community to enjoy!


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Youth Evening of Arts is for youth, by youth, meaning westside youth are involved in the brainstorming, the planning, the volunteering and any performances or artwork displayed during the event. They will form committees, meet one another, create projects and become community artists.

The event takes place on November 15th as part of Kitsilano Neighbourhood House’s grand re-opening celebration. It will be an event open to the entire community.

This is an chance for Youth on the west side to come together, collaborate and feel empowered as leaders in their community.
Specifically, it is an opportunity for Youth to become familiar with Kitsilano Neighbourhood House as a place of belonging and involvement. We want youth to feel that they are written into this new chapter in KNH history and development. It is from here that we can develop a foundation for a youth council and other youth engagement opportunities in the future.

Event Schedule


Interactive Art Gallery & TAP open from 6:00-10:00
6:00-7:00 Speed Painting Workshop
7:00-8:00 First Performance Set: School of Rock, Utown Crazi & Angelica Poversky
8:00-9:00 Speed Painting Competition
9:00-10:00 Second Performance Set: Sebastien Wen & Jess Tollestrup, Blue Reef & UBC Improv
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Dance Crew


Contagious Goodbye Gordon





UBC Improv



Youth Led Workshop:

Speed Painting Workshop and Battle of the Arts for Youth

The Youth Led Workshop is a project created by a group of talented and driven local youth in collaboration with a professional artist Carl Baird. This year, the workshop will be followed by an opportunity for local youth to compete in the first local youth speed painting competition.

Mission: To encourage youth to showcase their painting skills with a competitive spirit.

Introductory Speed painting workshop

 A speed painting workshop opened to Youth and the Community. Come learn from professional artist, Carl Baird, how to speed paint! Workshop includes live speed painting demonstration! Materials will be provided. Sign up in advance is required!

BAY: Battle of the Arts for Youth

 The Battle of the Arts for Youth is a live speed painting competition where youth artists compete in 20 minutes. We are the first live speed painting competition in Vancouver for local youth and we will be launching our first competition during the YEA (Youth Evening of Arts) celebration.  This event will give young artists a chance to showcase their art to the public. Paint and brushes will be provided, bringing paint will not be allowed, but bringing your own brushes is recommended.

The works will be judged by local artists and  prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

All young artists interested in competing must attend the speed painting workshop hosted earlier in the evening.

Sign up for Workshop & BAY…




Who’s Leading BAY?


Hannah is currently a Grade 11 IB student. After running the art club at her school, Hannah learned the importance of connecting youth in a community. She believes that art is an important subject that is often overlooked in schools today. Therefore, she has a goal to connect and inspire youth in Vancouver to communicate with each other in hopes of creating a larger youth arts community. As a youth council member of YEA (Youth Evening of Arts), she is facilitating an art workshop in order to encourage youth to demonstrate their abilities and showcase their artwork.”


As a Grade 11 student, with an interest and passion to art and anything related to creativity, Jooyun cannot wait until this fantastic event is held! Jooyun has carried an interest in art for as long as she can remember, and loves the fact of art having no limit, rules, or expectations preceding it. Not only does she think this event will be highly influential, but believes it will be an excellent way for young artists to show their potential to their max. A statement of inspiration she always reminds herself is “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” by Albert Einstein. This quote is highly inspiring for her because it relates to her views of art creating a different branch of freedom where she could express anything on her mind, and her passions apart from anything else. Most of the time Jooyun can be seen doodling in her notebook, sketching small drawings, and trying to incorporate art is everything she does.


Cindy’s passion for art has arisen from a tender age when her parents left for work, she would draw endless on her favourite notebook creating fantasy creatures bases on her wild imagination. She believes by combining a bit of art into everybody’s life, everybody would feel just a little bit brighter and more colourful. Her hobbies include: kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding, baking, and most importantly combining art into her daily life.

Artist: Carl Baird

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.36.43 PM

Carl Baird began his artistic carrer at Niagara College in Welland, Ontario where he was given the opportunity to blend his passion for fine art and technical drafting. At Niagara College, Carl was influenced by his professor and friend Ken Cosgrove, who showed him how to describe the human form, both mathematically and artistically.

At the conclusion of his studies, Carl Baird moved to Vancouver, BC. Where he received a grant to continue his artistic career, under the guidance of Peter Voormij at Langara College. During that time Carl went to Europe to study European Art History and Architecture. He returned to Vancouver, BC and was accepted into the third year at Emily Carr School of Art and Design. For the past ten years, Carl has been working as an illustrator, visual artist and musician out of his East Vancouver Art Studio.


Community Collaborative Art Project:  



Join us!

Different ways the triangles connect

Exploding and Connecting Triangles!

The Triangle Assembly Project is a Youth created and led project made from recycled cardboard. After the last Youth Art Mixer, we all gathered in a circle to discuss the next step and the talk turned to triangles and geometric shapes. A couple meetings later and with the help of our project manager and architect, Josie, we found two structures that can combine in endless ways!

Our project will grow, through collaboration with the  community, up until the great celebration in November. Each triangle will be a work of art from an individual or a group on the West side. This project will be moved to different locations all over the westside, adding equilateral triangles at each site. How it will all come together and connect is the great mystery. We are happy to work with all community members on this project, any age! If you have an idea of a community group, event or public space to bring TAP to, share it with us!

Another 30+ triangles at the Kitsilano Community Center (10/4/2014)

1606401_749680985105629_6300315812869749414_o10521282_749682801772114_4861545425466657046_o10648968_749683058438755_4016388875023815719_o10007264_749680661772328_3175659627376237500_o (1)

30 Triangles from Picnic in the Park (8/10/2014)


The Building Process:


To join us, just e-mail!


Thank you to the official community sponsor of this project:






Asking yourself “What ways can I be involved

in YEA ?”

 Five Areas for Youth and Volunteer Involvement: 

1) Visual art galleries

2) Performance Arts (Drama, improv, spoken word, dance, music)

3) Youth Led Art workshop and BAY painting competition! Scroll down to see more!

4) The great Community Collaborative Art project (Triangle Assembly Project) Scroll down to see more!

5) Media and Marketing for the Event.

Click here for Volunteer Role descriptions

Click Here to Apply 

To submit artwork or apply to perform:

1. Click on the link above to apply.

2. Follow instructions to send your submission to our Visual Arts or Performance Coordinators!




1) Youth Art Coordinator: For Youth ages, 18 and older, who want to facilitate a youth committee and partake in project management. Apply by September 1st.

2)    Youth Committee Member: For youth ages 12-25, interested in helping to plan the festival and have more of a leadership role. Performance committee may apply by October 10th!

3)    Youth Artists: Youth10-25 who want to perform, provide artwork or run a workshop for the event. Artist submissions accepted until Oct. 30th!

4)    T.A.P. collaborator: for all ages who want to help develop a community collaborative project. Gathering materials, prepping the project for community events, attending community events and getting other community members involved! Ongoing, join anytime!

5)    Media and Marketing team: For Youth 12-25 and adult allies who enjoy writing, photography, journalism or are interested in marketing! Ongoing, join anytime!

Share our Poster! YEA!! Nov.15th

Past Events:



Youth Art Mixer June 25th, 2014 2909 W. Broadway 6-8pm
Featuring Guest Artist Carl Baird

For more information about our guest artist check out his site:



1) What does YEA stand for? 

YEA stands for “Youth Evening of Arts.”

2) Well, ok then, what is the “Youth Evening of Arts?” 

Youth Evening of Arts is a big community event happening on October 25th, 2014 as part of the grand re-opening of Kitsilano Neighbourhood House. It is a night where Youth will reign over three renovated and new buildings, including a stage and theater with 150 seats. It will be FOR YOUTH, BY YOUTH.

3) What does “FOR YOUTH, BY YOUTH” mean? 

FYBY means that YEA is going to be a large event that is created by Youth with support from the community. The decisions, such as, what art and performances are featured, what activities are happening, food served, poster designs, how to get youth involved, etc… is going to be coming from local youth. Basically, the event will not be planned by adults who don’t understand Youth.

4) Who is considered “Youth?” 

For our summer gatherings the age range is 12-25. However, there are many ways to be involved. Any artist can contribute, regardless of age, as a guest artist or workshop host. For the large event in the fall, there will be an opportunity for younger artists to contribute as well.

5) What do Youth do? How are they involved? 

There are many ways for Youth to be involved. The spectrum ranges from participating in our fun summer gatherings and sharing your artwork to hosting your own art workshop to being on the committee that decides what is happening in the Fall.

6) What kind of arts does YEA support?

Any and all, we look to fine arts, performance arts, musical arts, writing, spoken word and anything we haven’t thought of yet. Let us know your out there and we will find a way.

7) What if I am not artsy? 

Doesn’t matter. Everyone has something they can contribute and we will help you find out what that is! Or, maybe you want to try different arts. You can learn a lot and try something new by coming to gatherings or participating in the event. We don’t just want artists, we want youth who have ideas and opinions about what a good Youth Event would be.

8) What happens at these “Summer Gatherings”? 

The “Gatherings”, such as YAM our Youth Art Mixer, is a chance for Westside Youth to come together and meet each other and other artists. These events are purely for fun. Youth can hang out with some local artists. There will be art activities, theater games, food and lots of interesting opportunities offered for youth-artists who want to get involved in the community. Mainly, it is our chance to listen and learn from local youth and keep building towards the event in the fall, ensuring that it is For Youth, By Youth.

9) How do I get involved. 

a) Fill out an application:

b) Check out our calendar for upcoming events and meetings!

c) Get in touch with the Youth Arts Coordinator at

Maya Reisz


YEA!! Youth Engagement Coordinator

YEA!! Detailed information and documents! 

To submit artwork or get more information: