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About Kits House

A Little About Us

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House (‘Kits House’), member of the Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC, is a registered non-profit, charity organization dedicated to meeting the needs of those most vulnerable as well as providing an opportunity for everybody in our community to get together and be engaged. We offer many different programs like volunteer-led English Conversation Circles, weekly hot lunches for seniors, childcare and much more. We are the only Neighbourhood House on the Westside and serves many different communities like Kitsilano, Dunbar, Arbutus Ridge and Point Grey.

Kits House has a rich history on Vancouver’s Westside since 1894 when it was originally opened as Alexandra Orphanage and Non-Sectarian Home Society. This original site was located at 7th and Pine. The orphanage was eventually renamed “Alexandra House” in 1938. In 1972, the House moved to its current location, was renamed Kitsilano Neighbourhood House and still serves the six communities of the Westside.

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Vancouver’s Westside is a healthy, vibrant and connected community where everyone thrives.
Kitsilano Neighbourhood House creates community for all by connecting people, ideas, and opportunities.
  • Our community welcomes people of any age, race, or religion.
  • We see value in every person, regardless of physical ability, mental ability, or economic standing.
  • We welcome the experience and knowledge of people from other places. Many languages and cultures are heard in the community at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House.
  • People of any gender and sexuality are welcome in our community.
  • Our staff, board, membership and volunteer community reflect the diversity of our neighbours.
  • Any person who transmits or receives our services can expect to be treated with respect.
  • Our dedication to diversity means that all people are part of our community; therefore, we act to promote the inclusion of everyone in our House.
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Democratic participation
  • Dignity
  • Humour
  • Interdependence
  • Leadership

What is a Neighbourhood House?

Neighbourhood Houses are non-profit organizations, which function as resource centres with the flexibility to meet changing community needs and challenges. They work towards improving the quality of both community and family life and differ from other social organizations as they are concerned with the community as a whole while working towards improving the quality of both community and family life.

Programs and services are designed to reach all age groups in a diverse population that is inclusive and reflective of the many different life experiences of the neighbours. Neighbourhood Houses build strong, independent communities, encouraging people to thrive. They are familiar and easily accessible; and effective in reaching people and helping them with their community aspirations, needs, challenges and problems.

Scent Reduction Policy
Kits House is not a scent-free environment; however, we do ask that everyone avoid the use of strong perfumes and heavily scented products while at Kits House. We ask for everyone’s cooperation in our efforts to accommodate staff, volunteer, resident, participant and visitor health concerns, and minimize unnecessary discomfort.
Privacy Statement
We collect personal information in order to maintain contact with you, to invite you to KNH, and ANH General Meetings and to provide you with information on future programs, services and events.
Complaint Resolution Process
  • Kitsilano Neighbourhood House is committed to working with children, youth, seniors, families and communities to provide supports and programs that meet community needs. In keeping with this all participants in all programs have the right to raise their concerns about any program decision or actions taken by Kits House.
    What you can expect
    • You will be treated with respect, listened to and acknowledged.
    • Your concern will be kept in confidence and there will be no repercussions for bringing forward a concern in good faith.
    • All staff will have a working knowledge of the complaint resolution process and a willingness to listen to your concern and find a resolution that works for all involved.
    What we will do
    • We will provide an opportunity for you to explain the complaint.
    • We will respond to the initial complaint as soon as possible after it is received and not longer than one week from receiving the complaint.
    • We will document your concern and the final resolution or decision.
    • We will follow up until the issue is resolved.
    • We will make sure the process is accessible and transparent.
    How to bring your complaint to our attention
    1. Work together with the Kits House staff involved to resolve the disagreement
    2. If the disagreement is not resolved work together with the Program Manager
    3. It is hoped that through these conversations, your concern will be addressed to your satisfaction. If a resolution has not been found you can contact the Executive Director by phone 604 736-3588 or email allens@kitshouse.org or in writing attn: Executive Director c/o Kits House.
    4. If the Executive Director is not able to resolve the disagreement to the satisfaction of all parties, your concern can be referred to the current Chair of the Kits House Board (contact email on KNH website) and/or the CEO of the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC 604-875-9111 ext 107.