Bumbletree Childcare: Part-time Care

*The Bumbletree waitlist is closed due to our COVID-19 closure. Please check back for when the waitlist will reopen.


Bumbletree is part-time childcare that provides gross and fine motor play activities, messy hands-on crafts, snack time, outside play and early literacy sing song circle time for children from 30 months up to 5 years old. We focus on communicating openly with parents, staff and children, while providing age appropriate programming by experienced and qualified Early Child Educators. Bumbletree provides stimulating and educational activities for children in a safe and fun space, allowing children to make friends and help them with school readiness while freeing up time for parents! Activities you’ll find in our program; Child-led activities; community engagement; celebrating and learning about a variety of cultures through crafts and songs; fun and creative activities and projects; circle time including songs and felt stories; active gross-motor activities such as dance and movement; exploring the outdoors.



Kits House – 2305 West 7th Ave, Vancouver

Date & Time

Mondays – Thursdays

Children can register 1-3 mornings per week

9:30am – 12:30pm


*It is the family’s responsibility to make sure their annual membership is up-to-date.


$50 non-refundable registration fee

  • 1 day per week – $173 per month
  • 2 days per week – $346 per month
  • 3 days per week – $518 per month

First and last month’s fees are to be paid at time of registration, as a deposit.


To get on the waitlist families are to visit the Kits House front desk to fill out the waitlist form and pay the membership fee. Children must be at least 2 years old to register on the waitlist.

Our waitlists, like other childcare centres, are based on a combination of time in queue and a priority list. The final waitlist is determined about one month before an expected start date.
Due to the changing nature of waitlists and the overwhelming amount of inquiries, we are unable to respond to any waitlist status requests.


Contact Info

Diane Peters, Director of Childcare and Family Programs


604.736.3588 ext. 135

Bumbletree was an excellent place for my daughter to get acquainted with her neighbourhood, and gave her an incredible sense of independence at the same time. Bumbletree was also wonderful in helping me identify ways to correct or improve my daughter’s social interaction with others, and they were there with me every step of the way as we prepared her for the next step in her educational journey.

Bumbletree Mother