Families Connect


If you are a parent or caregiver that has found some challenges in raising your child(ren)and have found that these challenges have amplified in these times this program is for you.  
We want to open a conversation to help find the tools that can be of emotional support to you and your children in the transitional times we are living in.



Zoom platform, email jimenav@kitshouse.org to get the link to join

Date & Time

Fall Sessions

Tuesdays | 3:00pm

*No Families Connect Session on September 1st


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Guest Speakers
 8 Rules of Healthy Living for Parents
3 Part Series with Farah Nazarali
Eat well, digest well, eliminate well, rest well, sleep well, play well, move well and breathe well. This 3-part series focuses on the 2 of the main components of this wellness wheel- relaxation and breathing and the third invisible force that holds it all together.
September 22nd – Part I Anatomy of Breathing
Breathing with the diaphragm is connected to the health and well-being of our nervous system and brain and most importantly the relaxation response. Learn how stress impacts breathing, how to shift from adrenalized modes into relaxation, and the power of breath in expressing our emotions honestly, authentically, and skillfully.
September 29th* – Food For Sleep | Special Guest Speaker, Roxanne Brooks 
*(not part of 3 part series) 
Roxanne will discuss the importance of getting good quality sleep and how it impacts our lives and our health. Find out what is affecting your ability to sleep well (it’s more than your kids) and what you can do about it. We will learn her 5 Steps to Great Sleep, plus get meal ideas and recipes that will help you sleep!
Roxanne Brooks is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Certified Integrative Adult Sleep Educator, is certified in CBT-I , and is about to receive her Certificate in Clinical Sleep Health. She has a private practice, FoodForSleep Holistic Consulting, where she supports her clients in improving sleep quality through diet as well as lifestyle and behavioural strategies. Roxanne believes strongly in a holistic approach to health, one that really considers the root cause of imbalance, disorder or disease. In working with clients it is always her goal to educate and empower. She resides in Vancouver, BC, and is a mother of two.
October 13th – Part II Accessing Deep States of Relaxation
Relaxation is a physiological state distinct from sleep. Learn simple techniques to access relaxation and the profound impact for our creativity, intuition, and wisdom when we learn to relax physically, emotionally and mentally.
November 3rd – Part III Portal of Silence
Silence and meditation allow us to access source energy and the wisdom of our hearts. Learn how 10 minutes of silence and meditation and help you clear your mind, de-clutter your thoughts, and tap into your wisdom, Sometimes the answer to our struggles lie in cultivating BE-ing rather than doing. This workshop focuses on how to cultivate states of being through the gateway of silence.
Farah is a yoga teacher, spirit coach, and pioneer in integrating conflict resolution with Eastern wisdom. She specializes in teaching Retreats and guiding people through transformational experiences. 


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