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 “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”

– Mother Teresa

It is important for people to know they are not alone.


Loneliness is a growing health epidemic. “We live in the most technologically connected age in the history of civilization, yet rates of loneliness have doubled since the 1980s. there is good reason to be concerned.” – Muthny, V.

The social implications of loneliness are growing very quickly because it impacts a person’s approach to their surrounding neighbours. Starting in 1894, we have a long history of serving your community. Kits House programs build community and strengthen neighbourhoods by supporting those who need it. We believe that connecting people is the path to a strong and healthy community that cares for one other, but we can’t do it in isolation. We also need your help.

Giving to Kits House supports your local community and your fellow neighbours. Whether it’s helping a newcomer find their way, easing the burden of a working parent or providing a meal for someone who needs it, your gift responds directly to the needs in your neighbourhood.

Community members like you are important for reducing isolation and bringing community together.
During this holiday season – a lonely time for many people – Kits House is hosting a Christmas/Holiday Community Dinner on Thursday December 14th from 5-7pm. Your gift will not only contribute to helping people at Christmas, but will assist us in starting a meal based social inclusion program in 2018.


Give today.

Connecting our community through Kits House combats isolation with meaningful, active relationships.
Visit us anytime at 2305 West 7th Ave at Vine St.

Wishing you a happy new year, and thanking you in anticipation on behalf of Kits House Staff and Community Board,

Allen Smith
Executive Director


Every Neighbourhood has needs.

Make a positive impact when you give today, on the lives of those in your community.


Vancouver’s Westside is not often associated with low incomes and a need for social services.  And yet it is a harsh reality for many of our neighbours, people you meet everyday.

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House has been a recognized community hub of the Westside since the 1970’s and a consistent provider of important social services and affordable programming to people of all ages – newborns to seniors.

Serving a region of six neighbourhoods including Kitsilano, West Point Grey, Arbutus Ridge, Dunbar, Kerrisdale and Shaughnessy, we draw a diversity of membership & visitors that continues to grow and we continue to provide free and low-cost services to all community members.


You can help by

  • Making a donation today to support your neighbour and your community
  • Sponsoring any of our annual events or ongoing programs
  • Join the Monthly Donor Club and receive special benefits!
  • Buy naming rights inside our House, show you care and leave your legacy on the Westside
  • Rent a space in our House for any special event – birthdays, workshops, conferences, weddings, events

Leave a legacy through your Will or a Gift of Security (Contact to find out more)

Your donation makes a difference in many ways


Join our Monthly donor Club!

It’s an easy and affordable way to give back to your community.

Recurring gifts provides Kits House with an extra level of certainty as we look forward and invest in our programs growth to reach more people that need our help. Our Monthly Donor Club was born from the idea that just as we encourage the community members we work with to focus on building a healthy and vibrant future, we too strive to continually be forward thinking in our program planning.

Monthly Donors receive Special Benefits

  • Exclusive welcome gift mailed to your door
  • Free membership to KNH
  • VIP invitation to all of our events
  • 2 free tickets to our Casino Night Annual Fundraiser on Thurs Sept 29, 2017
  • 50% off one rental space per year
  • VIP guest at our annual Donor Recognition Event
  • Tax receipt to benefit you during tax season

Just click on the ‘Monthly Donation’ tab and sign up today!


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