Good Neighbour Awards

Each year the Association of Neighbourhood Houses hosts “The Good Neighbours Awards” to extend gratitude and acknowledge volunteers, community supporters, and corporate neighbours who inspire and improve lives throughout their communities through their tireless efforts and endless devotion to the work and development of the community.

Past Award Winners

Year Good Neighbour Award Winner Youth Good Neighbour Award Winner Corporate Good Neighbour
2016 Lynn Shepherd Shelly Lu The Produce Co. – David Sullivan and Anthony Sullivan
2015 Jackie Conradi-Robertson


Rojina Sar Salari Vancity’s Westside Community Group


2013 Lorna McCreath Shirley Lei Whole Foods Market Kitsilano
2012 Wen Ling Chang


Jordan Chiu


Marty Popischil Real State Team
2010 Alexander Bowie Laura Finkler-Kemeny
2009 Sally Speers Alfred Sin

BC Good Neighbour Award Winner: Andrew Lyons 2010

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