The latest from Kits House

Flavours of Hope

Taste the diverse flavours of dishes from Damascus while listening to Syrian music and sharing stories of food, culture and friendship.

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Improv for Teens

This improv class will teach them the core elements of improvisation, and help them strengthen their listening, communication, storytelling, and public speaking skills in a positive, safe, and supportive environment.

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Empty Nests

Interested in sharing your home?
Open to a roommate of a different age?
Share your ideas!

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Vancouver Performing Stars

Kits House is proud to partner with Vancouver Performing Stars who will be offering performing arts training programs for children ages 1 – 17 years old throughout the spring.

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Seniors Art Expo

Thur March 1st, 2018
Come by to see the wonderful art created by the Seniors Art Program participants

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