Osteofit for Life

Osteofit is a BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre certified exercise, education and falls prevention program available for individuals with osteoporosis, low bone density, or at-risk for fractures/falls.  Join Keno for a fun and invigorating workout which will help you reduce falls risk, strengthen muscles, improve balance & coordination, and decrease the rate of bone loss.  All participants must register before joining, including filling out a Health Screening form, and possibly requiring a physician’s note.

INSTRUCTOR:  Keno Kinoshita

TIME & DATES:  8:30am, Tuesdays and Thursdays, September 9-October 23 (next session TBA)

LOCATION:  St. Mark’s Church, 1805 Larch Street

COST: $56 for 14 sessions (2 per week), plus current Kits House membership of $10 annually

*FREE TRIAL* Valid until Dec. 17th, 2015

CONTACT:  for information & sign up contact Sandra Petrozzih at 604-736-3588 ext. 125 or sandrap@kitshouse.org