How easy do you find it to make friends in Metro Vancouver?

Do you know your neighbours well enough to ask for help?

How would you describe your sense of belonging?

In 2012, Vancouver Foundation released their first Connections & Engagement report. The survey revealed that Metro Vancouver can be a hard place to make friends, and that our neighbourhood connections are cordial, but weak. Vancouver Foundation resolved to work on these issues.

Now, five years on, the Connections and Engagement report is back. The new survey builds on some unanswered questions from 2012, compares Metro Vancouver to other parts of Canada, and explores how people feel about the influence of urban living, greenspaces, and new technologies like social media.

We encourage you to take the survey, and share it with as many people as you can – from all walks of life – to truly capture the diversity of communities across Metro Vancouver.

Take the 2017 Connections and Engagement survey.