Saturday Dec 6th

10am – 12pm

This workshop will go through the difference between stress and being “stressed out” from a nervous system perspective:

  • How does our nervous system cope with too much stress when it has a low level of resiliency?
  • What causes our nervous system to become less resilient and why does this happen?
  • When we lack nervous system resiliency how does stress & overwhelm affect our body and mind and manifest in our lives?
  • How does our nervous system resiliency help or hinder the development of our children’s own nervous system resiliency?
  • What can we do to increase our nervous system resiliency and make permanent change to the way our nervous system responds to and processes stress so that we can feel more capable in our lives?

This workshop will be presented by
Alyson Groll, Stress, Trauma, & Nervous System Specialist (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner), more information about
Alyson at

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