Tupper Nova – A partnership that works for youth

On behalf of Lizzy Ambler and Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy


In addition to creating more access to care with extended hours for our clients and their families, VCH-Vancouver Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) is partnering with stakeholders in the community to help reach more of our child and youth clients, when and where they need us.

The Tupper Nova Program is a great example of this.


“My youth is in the program and he loves the support. There is also a Tuesday night support group for parents, and mental health resources are available to us if we need them.” –Candice (Parent of Tupper Nova program client)


In partnership with the Vancouver School Board, the program means that 24 students struggling with mental health issues that impact their ability to participate in a typical school day now have access to supports, including:  psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy and educational supports such as providing a classroom setting geared for the individual needs of the student.

As Candice notes, the program also has a significant family component, actively involving parents in their child’s care strategy.

Students are welcomed into the program based on both mental health issues and educational needs and come from all across Vancouver.

Even though the program only started with the beginning of the school year in September, Tupper Nova has already seen VCH-Vancouver double its capacity to serve youth!

Working together, we can make it possible for youth to succeed when it comes to managing their education alongside their specific mental health needs.

The Tupper Nova program is part of VCH-Vancouver’s larger Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use strategy.

For more information on the overall strategy and the new Tupper Nova program, please visit: www.vch.ca\childyouthstrategy

Please also feel free to contact us with any questions at cymhsu@vch.ca

Best regards and Happy Holidays,

Lizzy Ambler & Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy