Feb 28th

10am – 4:30pm




4 Vancity Locations

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We raised $497 on Pink Shirt Day 2018 towards anti-bullying initiatives in Kits House Childcare programs!

Join us at a participating Vancity on Feb 28th to fight against bullying.

Vancity and Kits House have come together again in 2018 to take a stand against bullying.

Net proceeds from Pink Shirt Day will go towards anti-bullying initiatives at Kits House that support children’s health and self-esteem. Our Child Care Staff have taken the Safe Spaces training program and have implemented bullying prevention education into our curriculum for young children.

We teach young children the skills they need to resist and prevent bullying. Learning empathy, emotional literacy and peaceful problem solving at a young age reduces the likelihood that bullying will occur as children become older.

We nurture children’s self-esteem and teach them to care about others. Children learn to express their emotions without hurting each other. They are encouraged to help each other, to be kind, and to use peaceful problem solving skills.

We establish a bully free environment. These ideas can be used anywhere children are – at home, in child care, in a drop-in program, at school or in the neighbourhood.

Pink Shirt Day is about encouraging everyone to openly express that kindness counts. We all have the capacity to spread kindness and that is the underlying philosophy behind the anti-bullying movement. After all, kindness never goes out of style.

Thank you for supporting the cause and taking a stand against bullying.