Jan 18 – Mar 31, 2018




Kits House




Drop off your clothing donations at Kits House!

Stitch by Stitch is a local non-profit organization with a focus on engaging with Vancouver’s homeless community. They want to inspire youth to look outwards and create change around them. By linking the homeless and youth, they hope to steadily destigmatize this phenomenon. Currently, they are partnered with other youth-led organizations to create care packages for the homeless population.

This year, their team is hosting their first annual Vancouver-wide Clothing Drive from January 21st to March 31st 2018.

Donate your clothing items today at the Kits House front desk! Stitch by Stitch will also pick up from your home!


Did you know?

  • Over 2000 people across the City of Vancouver are homeless according to the 2017
    Homeless Count (excluding those who are not “visibly homeless”)
  • The average North American throws away 80 pounds of textiles every year.
  • 95% of textiles can be recycled or reused