Apr 7, 2018

5:30pm – 8:00pm




Kits House

2305 West 7th Ave, Vancouver

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Celebrate with Flavours of Hope for a Flavours of Hope’s Pop-Up Night of Syrian Feast, Music and Storytelling on Saturday, April 7. Taste the diverse flavours of dishes from Damascus while listening to Syrian music and sharing stories of food, culture and friendship. Two newcomer women chefs, Hayat and Carmen, will create a feast of traditional cuisine from their family recipes and beloved food from Syria. We will hear more about Hayat and Carmen’s inspiring story of building their business, Taste of Damascus. Farzana, a story facilitator, will help us to share memories of food from different cultures. The evening will be a time of eating together, making new friends, and learning about the art of storytelling through food.

We will learn more about Flavours of Hope and its vision to provide a living wage and build social connections for immigrant and refugee women by cooking and sharing culinary traditions and stories through pop-up community dinners, cultural cooking classes, and subscription ethnic meals.

Tickets and more information at https://flavoursofhopesyrianfeast.eventbrite.com