Keeping Your Neighborhood Safer: Know Where The Most Dangerous Intersections Are Located

Neighborhood safety is essential to residents of all ages from senior-aged residents who live alone to a family with young children. While there are many issues that we think of when trying to keep our neighborhoods safer, many people overlook dangerous intersections. Not only do dangerous intersections in Vancouver contribute to car accidents, but it can also be particularly hazardous for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Knowing where the most dangerous intersections are located can help you develop an alternate route when traveling. While some areas are nearly impossible to avoid, simply knowing more about high-risk intersections can help you be better prepared and more aware while driving. As you take a look at the most dangerous intersections in your neighborhood, and other areas throughout Vancouver, share the information with your neighbors, friends, and other people like babysitters and family members. As a family talk about ways to be safer in these dangerous areas and consider other ways to get to school, work, and some of your favorite spots in Vancouver.


Article written by: Landon Biehl, Vancouver

Nov 19th, 2018