Kits House Christmas Hamper Program


Help us collect monetary donations for our Christmas Hampers!


Each year, Kits House creates hampers that will help 30+ women and 20+ children at the Sancta Maria House and Munro Transition House, 100+ homeless individuals at MPA Society as well as 20 seniors living in the Westside. The hampers help community members greatly by giving them the bare necessities of food and toiletries over the holiday season.


This year our goal is to receive $3,500 in monetary donations


Please help us reach this goal!

  • $ 100 – provides one gift card for an individual
  • $ 150 – provides one gift card for a family of 2
  • $ 250 – provides one gift card for a family of 3
  • $ 350 – provides one gift card for a family of 4+
  • $ 350 – provides hygiene items and food for 30 homeless individuals


Ways to donate:

  • Online HERE
  • Gift cards (can be arranged for pick up or mailed to Kits House)

Our deadline to receive donations is Monday, December 14th
If you donate $25 or more you can receive a tax receipt.

For more information or details, please contact Patricia at or call 604.736.3588 ext 128 or 778-785-1157