There are many of us that deal with mental health problems, outside of this pandemic and especially during it. Sometimes for some of us it’s tough to find the courage to go about our day, the motivation to get work done, or can’t even find the energy to reply to a simple text from a beloved friend 

As tough as it is, sometimes we can find solace in knowing we are not alone – we are not weird, we are not broken, this is a normal, natural state of being human. And together, by being open, talking about our thoughts and feelings, we can work to get through it together, day by day.  

The great part of working at Kits House is the connections we make and the stories that come from it. Fortunately, we have people like Oliver who attend our programs, and willingly opens up to us to tell his story. 



In 2019, Oliver, living in Australia at the time, suffered a mental break down due to suppressing his depression for years. This brought him to the brink of suicide. That was when he realized, for the first time what a mess he was in. So he reached out for help from Counsellors, family, friends, and medication. In 2020 Oliver moved to Vancouver where he continued his path to recovery and wellness. In October 2020 Oliver passed by Kits House and saw the poster of Men’s Monday Meetups, support group for men. Since then he has been participating at Men Monday Meetup’s sessions every week to share his experiences and his journey to recovery and balance.


“It was inspiring to hear other men dealing with depression,

and what they did to confront and overcome it.”


Oliver, as part of his journey of recovery, and balance, had the desire to share his experience with others – to break the fear of isolating and keeping quite, and to help create more awareness regarding the crucial importance of Mental Health.



That is why he created a fundraiser for this initiative: “I’m passionate about mental health, demystifying and spreading the word. I’m currently embarking on a series of physical challenges to fundraise for mental health.”

Let’s join Oliver in this important fundraiser to raise awareness for mental health and follow his journey on Facebook.