Vancouver is an expensive city to live where the average house will cost 115% of the average family income. Affordable housing has been highlighted for many years as a main issue for Kitsilano. This is one of the key drivers for Kits House being heavily involved. Currently Kits House operates two properties – Red Oaks Place and Linden Tree Place – affordable seniors housing and those with physical disabilities. Kits House has now expanded to a third property   housing community located at 4105 Arbutus Street in Arbutus.

There are different reasons why people need to live in Vancouver’s Westside where housing is a more expensive area. This can be due to proximity to work, family or health providers. There is a strong push for people to age in place with little done to help affordability issues to enable this to happen. Then others who live there for multiple reasons yet who find affordability excessive. The working poor are also part of those, people who work multiple jobs and still struggle to find rent money. Affordable housing helps people stay connected and financially able to survive.

With that, we are keenly excited to announce the official opening of the housing project at Arbutus, affordable homes for residents on low to moderate incomes, in partnership with the YWCA and Tikva.

This new building holds 125 units:

  • 32 units operated by YWCA Metro Vancouver for safe affordable housing for single mothers and their dependent children
  • 37 units operated by TIKVA primarily for Jewish low-income singles and couples as well as individuals transitioning from supportive housing to independence. and
  • 56 operated by ANHBC for members of the community, particularly seniors and families.

From September tenants have moved into their apartments which include hardwood floors, AC, and in-suit laundry. In addition, 2 floors contain units for those with accessibility challenges and comes complete with hand railings in the halls and homes, lowered counters for wheelchair access, and accessible showers for those with mobility challenges. Another floor has senior’s units with features to make life easier for them.

The Housing site  remains under construction with another two buildings under way, to be completed by 2023. These new buildings will include a new neighbourhood house operated by ANHBC, an adult day care centre and a gymnasium, thus creating accessible resources, services and a welcoming community for it’s residents.

There are only a few units left – to learn more about the units and application process visit our Housing page

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