Choose to Move


BC is home to an increasing again population and for older adults, mobility maintained through exercise is effective in countering the risk of chronic conditions, prevent falls, and offset frailty. Yet, fewer than 15% of BC seniors engage in the recommended amount of physical activity for health and mobility benefits.

Choose to move is a three-month evidence based program designed to motivate and support older adults (65+) who are not regularly active to integrate physical activity in to their daily routines. Participants will work with a trained activity coach to develop a personalized action plan customized to the individual’s needs, goals, resources and abilities. The program is choice-based meaning participants will choose physical activities that make most sense for their lifestyle and are available in their community. On going support will be provided throughout the program in the form of a 1-1 consultation with the activity coach to review action plans and group meetings where participants will learn about various health topics and connect with other participants.   The program allows participants to choose activities that make sense for them.


This program is made possible through a funding partnership as part of BC’s Physical Activity Strategy between the Ministry of Health and the Active Aging Society.



Kits House or Seniors Resource Center

Date & Time

Starts Feb 24, 2022



Currently inactive (less than 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week)

Have not participated in Choose to Move before





Interested individuals must register for an information session before registering for the program.

To sign up for the information session please call Jessie Nguyen 604-736-3588 ext 161 or email