Conversations in the Park


Join Pam and Avria this summer for Conversations in the Park!  

Conversations in the Park” is offering two levels of conversation, Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced.  

Participants will meet their English Conversation host at a local outdoor destination for the opportunity to practice English conversation “in person”!  

Maximum 6 participants per circle. 

Social distancing and masks required. 

If you need help deciding on your level, see below: “Which level is right for you.

Which level is right for you?

All Circles are led by English-speaking volunteer hosts. Please be aware that Circles are not classes or lessons. They are groups where discussions are about things that interest you.


  • I can understand better when people speak slowly, clearly, and with not too many words.
  • I don’t know many words in English.
  • I find it difficult to speak in complete sentences.
  • I often have to repeat myself and use gestures to be understood.
  • I often need to stop and ask for help to say what I mean.



  • I usually understand speakers of English. I sometimes have to ask them to repeat.
  • My vocabulary is basic, but usually adequate.
  • I still make mistakes in grammar and pronunciation.
  • People I’m talking to can usually understand me.
  • I sometimes need to pause to figure out how to put my thoughts into English.

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Beginner with Avria (4 sessions)
Thursdays, 1:00pm – 2:30pm | August 5 – 26, 2021
*maximum 6 participants


Intermediate/Advanced with Pam (4 sessions)
Fridays, 10:30am – 12:00pm | August 6 – 27, 2021
*maximum 6 participants



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How to Register

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Faith Greer, Community Services Coordinator;