Dementia Awareness Initiative



How Kits House is Bringing Alzheimers Awareness to the Community


About half a million people are living with dementia in Canada today, this is expected to double by 2030. People living with dementia can experience memory loss and confusion, which makes it hard for them to do daily tasks. Situations can become more frightening and confusing when in public and often times people don’t understand what is going on and judge them rather than helping them. This is why we need to create more awareness around dementia and get a better understanding of what people living with dementia experience in their day-to day lives. We need to listen to those living with dementia, understand what they need and how can we become more inclusive and supportive.

With that in mind and thanks to the preliminary work of the Westside Seniors Hub, Kits House is now working together with UBC to create more awareness around dementia in the community by launching a dementia awareness initiative. The intention is to gain insight on public perceptions and attitudes towards those living with dementia through dialogue, and apply those learnings through trainings. We are looking to work together with those with lived experiences by starting an advisory committee, train buddies to provide support during programs, as well as work with businesses in the community to brainstorm a more inclusive neighbourhood.

Let’s work together to create more awareness around dementia and move towards a more inclusive community.



5 Ways to Get Involved


1) Join the Focus Group

If you, or know someone who has lived experienced with dementia, we would love to hear from you and have you join our Dementia-Friendly group.  In working to make westside a dementia-friendly neighbourhood it is essential that we consult with people living with Dementia to learn how we can best support our community members who are experiencing mild to severe cognitive decline.  The group will start meeting in September 2022, and schedule will be open for discussion later with the participants.  We ask that you reach out to your neighbours, your friends, or your family members living with Dementia to consider joining our committee.


2) Become a Volunteer Buddy

Kits House is facilitating a Volunteer Buddy program which will train a number of volunteers to work specifically alongside our community members living with Dementia.  The first step of our training process is attending a self-direct online training hosted by the Alzheimer Society of British Columbia, and then practicum session with Thais. During the orientation, volunteers will listen to a facilitator who will share ways to communicate best with someone living with Dementia, as well as how to best help someone in a confused state, and how to be a Volunteer Buddy. As a Buddy, you will be asked to attend programs with a community member living with Dementia so that our programs can become more inclusive.



3) We Care: Westside Inclusive Community

Everyone from our neighbourhood is invited to learn more about dementia and tools that you and our community can use to be more inclusive and supportive and become a good neighbour in the Westside dementia-friendly community. Please contact us to get involved.


4) Bringing Awareness to Local Businesses

Interested in learning on how your business can become a dementia-friendly place and inclusive for everyone experiencing Dementia? Please contact us to get more information.


5) Self Learning

Take a read through the Dementia | Flipping Tool Kit to learn more



Contact Us!

Interested in learning more about our initiative?

Please contact Thais Lopes at 604 736 3588 ext 127 or