English Conversation Circles


Join an English Conversation Circle for the opportunity to meet with other people who have moved to Vancouver and are learning about the English language and living here. Each week we will talk about things that interest everyone – food, family, what you like to do, growing up, our wonderful city of Vancouver. You will participate in real conversations, as if you were having coffee with a friend.

Two circles will be offered on Zoom. Whatever your level of English is, there is a Conversation Circle for you! Kits House Conversation Circles are a relaxed way to listen and speak, and to feel more comfortable with your new language.

Let’s have conversations together!

If you need help deciding on your level, see below: “Which level is right for you.

Which level is right for you?

All Circles are led by English-speaking volunteer hosts. Please be aware that Circles are not classes or lessons. They are groups where discussions are about things that interest you. 


  • I can understand better when people speak slowly, clearly, and with not too many words.
  • I don’t know many words in English.
  • I find it difficult to speak in complete sentences.
  • I often have to repeat myself and use gestures to be understood.
  • I often need to stop and ask for help to say what I mean.



  • I usually understand speakers of English. I sometimes have to ask them to repeat.
  • My vocabulary is basic, but usually adequate.
  • I still make mistakes in grammar and pronunciation.
  • People I’m talking to can usually understand me.
  • I sometimes need to pause to figure out how to put my thoughts into English.



  • I can understand most things that people say to me.
  • I have a fairly large vocabulary.
  • I can use most verb tenses without errors.
  • I converse quite comfortably without too many pauses.





Winter 2022 English Conversation Circles

Beginner/Intermediate + Advanced
January 20 – March 24, 2022
Thursdays from 11 – 12:30 pm

*Sign up is limited to one circle per participant.


Kits House membership

Must live locally

Program Fee


How to Register

  1. Click the Register button to complete the online google document for registration.
  2. Once you have registered, click Pay Program Fee button to pay. Paypal and credit card are accepted.
  3. Click Get Kits House Membership to pay for your $10 annual membership if you do not have a valid membership.
    *Memberships are valid from May of the current year to April of the following year.
  4. Once you have paid your membership and program fee the system will generate a receipt. Forward this receipt to the program coordinator: faithg@kitshouse.org to complete your registration.
  5. You will be sent the zoom link once these registration steps have been completed.
Getting yourself ready for your circle

Participants will need to do the following well in advance of the first English Conversation Zoom meeting:

  1. Commitment to the program is expected. Space is limited and we don’t want to waste the opportunity for others to join.
  2. Before the first meeting, download the Zoom application onto your device from:
    Although mobile phones can work, they are not recommended because of their small screens.
  3. Be sure you know how to join a Zoom meeting and use basic Zoom controls.
  4. Five minutes before each session begins, log into Zoom so that you’re ready to start.



Faith Greer, Community Services Coordinator