English Conversation Circles


English Conversation Circles (ECC) are a great opportunity for newcomers to practice English, build confidence, meet new people, and have fun! Kits House offers Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level Circles.

Due to COVID 19, the circles will be hosted online through Zoom.

If you need help deciding on your level, see below: “Which level is right for you.


Les cercles de conversation en anglais sont une excellente occasion pour vous de pratiquer l’anglais, de renforcer votre confiance en vous, de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et de vous amuser! Kits House propose des cercles de niveau débutant, intermédiaire et avancé. Bien que nous souhaitons pouvoir nous rencontrer en personne, nous ne pouvons pas le faire en raison du COVID19. Rejoignez le cercle accueille Pam, Avria, Kristin, Louise et Arlene en ligne pour des cercles de conversation en anglais via Zoom.

Los círculos de conversación en inglés son una gran oportunidad para que practiques inglés, desarrolles confianza, conozcas gente nueva y te diviertas. Kits House ofrece círculos de nivel principiante, intermedio y avanzado. Si bien nos gustaría poder reunirnos en persona, no podemos hacerlo debido a COVID19. Únase a los anfitriones del círculo Pam, Avria, Kristin, Louise y Arlene en línea para los círculos de conversación en inglés a través de Zoom

Which level is right for you?

All Circles are led by English-speaking volunteer hosts. Please be aware that Circles are not classes or lessons. They are groups where discussions are about things that interest you. 


  • I can understand better when people speak slowly, clearly, and with not too many words.
  • I don’t know many words in English.
  • I find it difficult to speak in complete sentences.
  • I often have to repeat myself and use gestures to be understood.
  • I often need to stop and ask for help to say what I mean.



  • I usually understand speakers of English. I sometimes have to ask them to repeat.
  • My vocabulary is basic, but usually adequate.
  • I still make mistakes in grammar and pronunciation.
  • People I’m talking to can usually understand me.
  • I sometimes need to pause to figure out how to put my thoughts into English.



  • I can understand most things that people say to me.
  • I have a fairly large vocabulary.
  • I can use most verb tenses without errors.
  • I converse quite comfortably without too many pauses.

Join us in our summer time circles



Fall 2021 ECC will start the week of September 20, 2021.

We are working on the schedules for this.

Check back at the end of June for more information on schedules and to register.


Tuesdays | April 20 – June 22, 2021
Intermediate with Kristin & Louise – 2:45 pm- 4:15 pm

Tuesdays | April 20 – June 22, 2021

Advanced with Arlene & Liam – 11 am -12:30 pm*
*Note change of day and time for the Advanced Circle

Thursdays | April 22 – June 24, 2021
 with Avria 1:00 pm -2:30 pm

*Sign up is limited to one circle per participant.


Kits House membership

Program Fee


How to Register

How to Register

  1. Click the Register the “REGISTER” button to signup online through Eventbrite. Eventbrite will say this program is free, but there is a cost.
  2. Click Pay Program Fee button on the right to pay. Paypal and credit card accepted.
  3. Click Get Kits House Membership on the right to pay for your $10 annual membership. Memberships are valid from May of the current year to April of the following year.
Getting yourself ready for your circle
Participants will need to do the following well in advance of the first English Conversation Zoom meeting:
  1. Please commit to attending all the meetings. Space is limited and we don’t want to waste the opportunity for others.
  2. Before the first meeting, download the Zoom application onto your device from:
    Although mobile phones can work, we do not recommend them because of their small screens.
  3. Be sure you know how to join a Zoom meeting and use basic Zoom controls.
  4. Five minutes before each session begins, log into Zoom so that you’re ready to start.



Faith Greer, Community Services Coordinator; faithg@kitshouse.org