Wish List

Kits House Wish List

We need your help to make our new home as meaningful and accessible as possible for our community for years to come. Check out our Wish List and donate today!

Sound System:
3 wireless mics, 2 portable speakers and a sound board are crucial items for our Community Hall which will host many Kits House and community events and performances. Being fully sound-equipped is a must in order for Kits House to rent out the Community Hall. $3,500
SOLD: Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

Stage lighting:
Youth Talent Shows, theatre performances and community concerts require proper lighting to create the right ambiance. Having proper lighting makes it easy for Kits House to rent out our Community Hall. $7,500

Accessible roll-up ramp for the stage:
An easy way to make our stage accessible for everyone including those in scooters, wheelchairs or with walkers. We can simple roll out this ramp and fold it up when it is not needed. No one will be left out thanks to this handy-dandy ramp! $1,000

Accessible computers:
Make our public access computer accessible to individuals in scooters and wheelchairs. With a special computer and set-up, our volunteer computer tutors can more easily provide free computer help to everyone in the community. $2,500

Childcare Package:
Help round out our needs for our childcare programs by supporting us to buy bikes, art supplies and toys for our curious childcare kids. $5,000

Garden Recycling Centre:
Make it easy for Kits House and the community to “be green” with recycling and compost bins. Educational signage will make it a no-brainer for people to respect our environment. $3,500

4 Kits House event tents:
Informing the community about Kits House and the services we offer is one of the reasons we participate in community events. Make Kits House readily identifiable in the public eye with tents which also provide our staff and volunteer protection from the natural elements (rain and sun). They will be used at our Autumn Fair, Westside Community Food Markets and so much more! $2,500 for four.

For more information about the Wish List, please contact Trish at trish@kitshouse.org or 604-736-3588 ext. 133.