Kits House Book Club


Join Kits House Book Club facilitator Pam White each month for a good read followed by a group discussion. Book Club meetings will be held on Zoom until COVID rules relax and we can meet in person once again. This program has a 12 participant max.

The book choice for the following month will be announced at the book club meeting. We will ensure that all books chosen will be available through the Vancouver Public Library

Technology volunteers are available to assist with Zoom set up should help be needed with that.


About our Facilitator

Pam White is a long-term volunteer at Kits House. In addition to hosting the Book Club she is a very experienced host in the English Conversation Circles program, and has participated in many Kits House special events.



Due to COVID19 the Book Club will meet through Zoom

Date & Time

January 24, 2021 – November 24, 2021

Last Wednesday of each month |  10:30am – 12:00pm

*No meetings July/August/December


Kits House membership

Participants should be able to read and converse easily in English

Participants will need a Vancouver Public Library Membership (it’s free)


$20 fee for the year



 1. Register by email to

 2. Purchase KNH Membership 

 3. $20 Book Club Program Fee – Click “Buy now” button below


Book Club


4. Download the Zoom App to your computer:

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