Seniors Peer Support


The Seniors Peer Support groups are a way for community members to connect and navigate through life transitions (E.g. retirement, health changes, isolation, loss.). They are a place to build healthy relationships, share and gain knowledge and develop skills to maintain health and wellbeing. Currently Kits House has 2 support groups who are meeting on a regular basis. Each group is unique by the members who make up the group.


Friendship group

Come and meet a fun, reflective, and supportive group of older adults who like to share good conversation. As we grow older, most of us experience changes. Let’s support one another as we travel this path together!


Volunteers connect

*on hold until further notice

Kits House started a support group for volunteers who have worked or are currently working with seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the formation of this group, we are looking to foster an environment in which volunteers can share and discuss their own experiences volunteering. The objective of the group is to share with each other the tough moments, the great moments, and how we can all best support seniors in our community. Are you a Kits House volunteer supporting seniors in the community and looking to connect with your fellow volunteer, join this vibrant group and share your experiences volunteering.

Funded by Vancouver Coastal Health


Friendship group


Seniors Resource Centre – 2325 Vine St, Vancouver

*program currently on hold due to pandemic

Date & Time


Every Wednesday

1:00 – 3:00pm


Kits House membership

Aged 55+



Volunteers connect

On hold until further notice



604.736.3588 x 604