Seniors' Summer Outdoors


Come join us this summer for some fun under the sun! We’d love to see you at the park where we and others in the community will be enjoying a whole host of activities such as rock painting and fitness classes throughout July and August! With weekly gatherings every Wednesday, we welcome you to stop by and try out one of the many entertaining events planned.

Sun Smart – make sure to bring some water to stay hydrated & sunscreen and/or a hat to protect yourself from the sun
Covid Safety – masks are recommended, please stay 6ft apart. Hand sanitizer will be available at the different locations.


Introduction to Fitness
Every other Wednesday, an instructor will be leading an introduction to fitness class. The class lasts around 45 minutes and is open to participants of all fitness levels. The instructor will be guiding seniors through basic exercises to work on mobility, flexibility, and strength building. Come dressed in comfortable clothing and shoes with some water nearby, and get ready to sweat! Please bring your own yoga mat.


Story walk
In support of our Indigenous peoples, we invite participants to come take a look at our showcasing of story walks. Participants can view and read along as they walk past the display of pages. Stories will rotate weekly and will include Raven’s Feast, The Little Hummingbird, and The Orange Shirt Story.


Games at the park
Stop by any time between 1pm and 4pm at Connaught park, look for Kits House flags to find us. A variety of games will be set up in the park for everyone to play and have fun. Games include, Jenga, Checkers, Croquet, Bocce etc. Join us in playing some fun games, challenge your friends and beat the champion!


Plaza activities
We will be at a select plaza on the corner of Broadway and Baywater next to G&F Financial Group and on the corner of Maple and West 4th Ave on several Wednesday afternoons in July and August. For workshop details, dates, times and location refer to the poster on this webpage.


Flowerpot Painting 
Kits House will be at the plaza located at Maple and 4th from 1-4pm for a flowerpot painting session on August the 4th. Express your creativity and display your artwork by decorating your own personalized flowerpot! After you’re done painting, fill with soil, plant your seed, and bring it home with you to watch it grow. 


Breathe, Move, and Sing Workshop 
On August 11th, Oak Park Fieldhouse will be hosting a Breathe, Move, and Sing workshop from 1-2pm! With the help of Opera Opulenza’s Artistic Director, Trudy, learn how to reconnect with your body and breath through this hour-long experience. Stop by Connaught Park for a lesson in stretching, relaxation, energy work, and vocal exploration (speaking, humming, and singing). No experience necessary! Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced learner, come join Kits House in comfortable clothing and prepare to experiment with your voice!


Music and Movement 
A facilitator will be leading a music and movement class on August 4th and 19th from 2-2:45pm. All levels of experience welcome! Practice your rhythm and coordination with Kits House this summer. The class lasts around 45 minutes and will be guided by a volunteer who dances hip hop in her spare time. Come to Connaught Park in some comfortable shoes and clothing, have some water at hand, and join us in dancing to some fun tunes! 



Fitness – Liam
Watercoloring – Maria
Breathe, move, and sing workshop – Trudy
Music and Movement – Julie


Location, Date & Time

Our activities will take place at different plazas and locations. All programs are drop-in and registration is optional.

Connaught Park – 2390 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 4K9 – look for Kits House flags to locate us in the park.
Bayswater & Broadway Plaza – corner besides G&F Financial Group
Maple & 4th – Corner beside Patagonia Sportswear

July 28, 2021
1pm: Collage making at Maple & 4th
2pm: Introduction to fitness (45mins) Connaught Park *please bring your own yoga mat
1-4pm: Games at Connaught Park

Aug 4, 2021
1pm: Flowerpot painting at Maple & 4th Ave
2pm: Music and Movement Class (45 mins, bring your own mat)
1-4pm: Games in the Park

Aug 11, 2021
1pm: Breathe, Move, Sing Workshop with Opera Opulenza
2pm: Introduction to fitness
1-4pm: Games at the park

Aug 18, 2021
2pm: Music and Movement Class (45mins, bring your own mat)
1-4pm: Games at the park

Aug 25, 2021
2pm: Introduction to fitness
1-4pm: Games at the park


Kits House membership
Geared towards seniors, but all ages welcome




Contact Info 

Jessie,, 604.628.5676 x 161