Story Walks Library at Kits House 


In 2021 Kits House, together with the Westside Literacy Task Force and funding from DeCoda Literacy, began building an indigenous themed Story Walks Library.  The Story Walks library continues to grow and expand with other themes like Endangered Species and Diversity & Newcomers added to the collection.

The Story Walks are a fun, educational activity that places a children’s story – literally a book taken apart – along a popular walking route or displayed in the community or at an event etc. While they are all made from children’s books, they are suitable for all ages, Seniors enjoy them too! 

They are created by purchasing three copies of each book, then the pages from two of the books are taken apart, the pages laminated, and then mounted onto corrugated plastic sheets. The third book is kept for reference or used for repairs.

The “stories” are quite versatile in how they can be displayed: installed along an outdoor path using metal stakes, a chain link fence using zap ties through the grommets, or set up as a display using easels that can be borrowed along with the Story Walk.


Community members are welcome to reserve a story from the Kits House Story Walks Library to use at an event or gathering, much like checking out a book at the library! 


STORY WALkS Library: 







Contact Faith to sign out a Story Walk!