Toy Library


Children have enormous levels of curiosity, and we know how much of a difference a new toy or material can make in a child’s life. Sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a few days. As a parent/caregiver we know how much you want to give your child as many opportunities to explore and learn, therefore, Kits House has created its new Toy Lending Library 




Kits House – 2305 West 7th Ave, Vancouver

Main Hall wooden Door up the stairs

(sometimes the door will be only crack-open)


Date & Time


(running on a weekly basis now that other programs have paused)

10:30 am -12 pm


Kits House membership

  • Pay the toy library annual fee of $5. The paypal link will be provided. 

  • Up to 2 items can be borrowed at one time for up to four weeks. If you need to extend, please let us know. 

  • Toys must be returned with all parts and pieces included as per picture and/or catalog description. 

  • If you or your child are feeling any symptoms of a cold, cough, fever or flu, please reconsider borrowing until 2 weeks after onset of symptoms. 


$5 annual



  • We have sanitized all the materials that you borrow, and we sanitize after you return the materials. 

  • We highly encourage you to please wash/wipe the toys before you bring them back. 

  • Maintain the officially recommended distance with others when standing in line. 

  • Please ask a staff or volunteer to show you the materials that you may be curious about.

  • There is a replacement fee in case a part of a whole item is damaged or missing. 


Alicia Smith

Ext 201 (only on the hours the program is running)