Even though summer’s already halfway over, there’s still time to check out the many hidden gems in Kitsilano! From the perfect cup of coffee to a quiet spot to lounge, we’ve got you covered.

1. Little Free Library

Funded by the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program, the little free library is located outside right on West 7th Ave. and Vine St. This little red bookshelf is available for everyone in the neighbourhood to pick up something new to read or drop off some books for your neighbours!

Where | In front of Kits House (2305 W. 7th Ave.)

Website | www.littlefreelibrary.org

2. Culprit Coffee Company

UPDATE: As of September 2017, Culprit Coffee is now closed until further notice.  Please check Culprit Coffee facebook page for more updates

Featuring artisanal coffee and gluten-free baked goods and sandwiches, Culprit is a great place to sit back, and relax while still being in the heart of Kitsilano. Keep an eye out for a yellow painted-section of a building and you’ll know you’re there.

Where | 2028 Vine St.

Social Media | www.facebook.com/culpritcoffee

3. Free Outdoor Lounge Area

A great place to soak up the sun, these wooden benches and lounge chairs are perfect to take a break in after a busy day.

Where | W. 7th Ave. and along Vine St. (2305 W. 7th Ave)

4. Arbutus Coffee

This cute establishment serves delicious fresh-baked pastries, soups and drinks all-day long and is located inside a beautiful vintage home.

Where | 2200 Arbutus St.

Website | www.arbutuscoffee.ca

5. Connaught Park

Located right behind Kitsilano Community Centre, Connaught Park is the perfect place to bring your kids along to play a game or two of baseball or soccer or to just play on the playground. There’s also a waterpark to cool off on after the game!

Kits in the Park, a free outdoor drop-in program for families and caregivers with children ages 0-6 years old is also located at Connaught Park. This is a great way to meet other families and connect with your community!

Where | 2390 W. 10th Ave.

When | Mondays and Fridays, rain or shine!

Time | 10:00AM to 12:00PM


6. Thomas Haas

Any chocolate-lover’s dream, this beautiful shop serves world famous, handcrafted sweets and pastries, along with soups and sandwiches.

Where | 2539 W. Broadway

Website | www.thomashaas.com

7. Kits House Rooftop Garden


Surrounded by flowers, herbs, and other leafy plants, the Rooftop is a great place to view the mountains and lounge about. Also a great spot to rent to have meetings, with available chairs, tables and a mini kitchenette!

Where | Kits House (2305 W. 7th Ave.)

When | Mondays & Fridays 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Tuesdays to Thursdays 9:00AM to 7:00PM

Website | www.kitshouse.org/rentals

8. Sweet Obsession Cakes and Pastries

On the edge of Kitsilano, you will be able to find delicious cakes and pastries to nibble on while enjoying the beautiful weather in Vancouver.

Where | 2611 W. 16th Ave.

Website | www.sweetobsession.ca

9. Catch a free show at Kitsilano Showboat

Catch a free show every week and see local acts perform on an outdoor stage! Ranging from dance acts, music bands, and other performances, this is available to us since 1935!

Where | 2300 Cornwall at Kits Beach

When | Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday starting at 7:00PM

Website | www.kitsilanoshowboat.com

10. Biking along Kits Beach

Take advantage of the beautiful Vancouver sun and bike down an informal pathway along Kitsilano Beach, using the designated bike lanes, which are available for riders of all ages and levels. This is a great way to get some exercise while getting to know your neighbourhood!

Website | www.vancouver.ca/streets-transportation/cycling-routes-maps-and-trip-planner.aspx

Map | www.vancouver.ca/files/cov/map-cycling-vancouver.pdf. Follow the AAA Network (the green line with yellow surrounding it)

11. Little Free Store

As the name suggests, a free trading platform for you to leave a gift, then take a gift! Items such as clothing articles, and other small items are available for you.

Location | South side of Point Grey Rd. between Bayswater & Balaclava

Website | www.afeatherway.com

12. Westside Community Food Market

Similar to a farmer’s market, the Westside Community Food Market features local produce, baked goods, and other hand-made goods.

Where | in front of Kits House (2305 W. 7th Ave.)

When | Every Thursday from Jun 29 to Sept 14 from 3:00PM to 7:00PM

Website | www.kitshouse.org/programs/community-programs/westside-community-food-markets