Volunteering at Kits House

Make a difference in your community

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House values volunteers and their commitment to share their skills, knowledge, ideas, time, and enthusiasm!

Volunteers are active at all levels, from the Community Board to administration and from direct service programs to program planning. The Kits House Volunteer Team donates thousands of hours each year to support Kits House in its programs and activities.

VOLUNTEERwordcloud (4)Getting started as a volunteer 

Prior to registering for a Volunteer Information Session browse the Kits House website and familiarize yourself with the programs offered and to see what interests you.  Do Kits House programs fit with what you would like to do as a volunteer?

Evening and weekend programs at Kits House are limited! Most program/volunteer opportunities occur weekdays during office hours when staff are working. Does this work with your schedule?

Active Kits House volunteers contribute an average of 4 hours per month. Do you have time to volunteer?

Volunteer Information Sessions

Volunteer Information Sessions are held monthly and are approximately 1 – 1.5 hours in duration. Please allow time in your schedule if you are signing up to attend an Information Session. Each session includes an opportunity to fill in a Kits House Volunteer Registration package, an overview of Kits House, volunteer expectations, staff showcase of programs, opportunity to ask questions, and a tour of Kits House!

Bring a piece of government issued photo ID with you to the Volunteer Information Session for us to photocopy. This is a requirement from the Ministry of Justice for your Criminal Record Check application.

There is no charge to you for a Criminal Record Check and Kits House will process the form after you complete it. Criminal Record Clearance letters can take up to 4 weeks to clear through the system.

Kits House Volunteers are also Kits House members! The annual membership fee is $10, payable by cash or cheque, at the Front Desk when you start to volunteer.

Follow these instructions to register and reserve a spot at the next Volunteer Information Session:

Email the Coordinator of Volunteers with VOLUNTEER INFO SESSION as the title of the email.
email address is faithg@kitshouse.org

In the body of the email include this information: 

  • Information Session date you are registering for
  • Confirm that you have reviewed KNH programs on the website
  • Indicate which program(s) you are interested in
  • Resume attached to email in PDF or Word document format

Volunteer Information Session spaces are limited and fill quickly! If you register for an Information Session and then find you can’t attend, please let the volunteer Coordinator know so that your spot can be given to another.

2017 Volunteer Information Session Dates

  • TUESDAY JANUARY 24 @ 4pm


  • TUESDAY MARCH 28 @ 4pm

  • TUESDAY APRIL 25 @ 4 pm

  • TUESDAY MAY 30 @ 4 pm

  • TUESDAY JULY 18 @ 4pm



  • TUESDAY OCTOBER 24 @ 4 pm


*Sessions are approximately 1 to 1.5 hours in length – please allow enough time in your schedule.